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Schurco Slurry PumpsSchurco Slurry ® manufactures a wide variety of products designed to provide value and reliability for our customers. Our parts are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® parts, backed up with reliability, availability and product value that you can bet your process uptime on.

Schurco Slurry® engineers are available 24/7 to assess developing pumping process issues, and to deliver world class service and deliveries globally. With some of the best minds in the industry and with millions of dollars of globally stocked inventory we can deliver when and where others can’t.

All Schurco Slurry® pumps and parts are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® pumps and backed with our quality guarantee.

Schurco Slurry® to Warman ® Interchange Chart

Horizontal Slurry Pumps:

S Series: Standard Schurco Slurry ® Pumps:

Schurco Slurry ® S Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® AH ® Series pumps. For the past half-century these pumps have set the world standard for heavy duty slurry applications. With large shaft diameters, heavy duty bearing assemblies and robust slurry pumping capacity, Schurco Slurry ® S pumps provide a cost-effective and ideal alternative to longer lead times and engineering services that are often costly or not available elsewhere. » Read More

L Series: Low Head/High Volume Schurco Slurry® Pumps:

Schurco Slurry ® L Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® L ® pumps. Similar to the Schurco Slurry ® S Series (Warman ® AH ®), but designed for medium to lower slurry gravities and discharge heads. The L series is offered fully lined with split outer casings and a variety of elastomer or metal materials for liners and impellers. » Read More

H Series: High Head Schurco Slurry® Pumps:

Schurco Slurry® H Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman® HH® Series pumps. These pumps deliver high heads at high volumes. These pumps are fit for a variety of applications ranging from filter press feeds to pipeline transport staging pumps. The high heads along with sturdier wear parts makes these pumps some of the most rugged in the Schurco Slurry® line. » Read More

U Series Unlined High Chrome Horizontal Schurco Slurry ® Pumps

Dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® unlined slurry pumps.

Schurco Slurry ® U Series pumps are unlined high chrome horizontal pumps that are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® unlined pumps. The U Series has the same hydraulic performance profiles of their lined counterparts, and can be applied on existing lined slurry pump installations using a standard conversion kit. » Read More

Z Series: Dredge and Gravel Schurco Slurry ® Pumps:

Dimensionally interchangeable with Warman ® G ® Series pumps.

Schurco Slurry ® Z Series pumps are designed to handle very large particles for gravel and dredging operations. Schurco Slurry ® Gravel pumps are designed for the continuous handling of the most difficult higher abrasive slurries, containing solids too large to be pumped by a standard slurry pump. » Read More

Vertical Slurry Pumps:

V Series: Schurco Slurry® Double-Suction Vertical Cantilever Pumps

Schurco Slurry® V Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with Warman® SP® Series pumps. These pumps employ a high capacity double suction design traditionally applied in sump operations, but have been applied elsewhere in a variety of applications. » Read More

Remanufactured Pumps:

Schurco Slurry ® Remanufactured Pumps

We regularly works with customers to remanufacture pumps that have exhausted their useful life, re-supplying them with “in-kind” replacements. These pumps can be remanufactured with new wear parts and marketed as such. We can offer customers a significant cost savings.

Call: 904-356-6840 to speak with a Schurco Engineer.

Field Applications:

Heavy Mining – Mineral Processing – Coal Prep – Cyclone Feeds – Aggregate Processing – Fine Primary Mill Grinding – Chemical Slurry Service – Tailings – Secondary Grinding – Industrial Processing – Pulp And Paper – Food Processing – Cracking Operations – Ash Handling – Pipeline Transport – High Velocity Hydraulic Transport –Food Processing – Explosive Sludge In Metal Smelting – River And Pond Dredging – Heavy Refuse Removal – Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Applications – Continuous (Snore) Sump Pump Operation – Abrasive Slurries – High Density Slurries – Large Particle Slurries – Sump Drainage – Washdown – Floor Drainage – Mixing





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