Motor Mounting Options

Overhead Motor Bases

Overhead Motor Bases:

When space is tight and every square inch is at a premium, Schurco® overhead motor mounts do the trick. Ease of access to drive packages via sturdy safety guards allows for rapid cleaning and belt changes. Custom grease hose options are available for mounting “zerk” fittings in easily accessible locations for regular preventative maintenance operations.

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Side-by-side BasesSide-by-side Bases:

For larger motor applications and when overhead clearance is an issue, Schurco® side-by-side bases with adjustable motor mounts are great solutions. These bases are sturdy and ready to be used as standalones or poured into integrated concrete pump pads. Heavy-duty hinge-mounted guards complete the package as a robust pumping system expected by heavy industry.

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Direct Coupled BasesDirect Coupled Bases:

Schurco Slurry® pumps can also be arranged in a direct drive arrangement for synchronous motor speed operation, or using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to dial the speed to suit your condition points. These packages can be skid mounted for mobile or permanent installations. Direct coupled pumping systems are fully customizable into every aspect of the arrangement.

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